Food Processing Macerators – The “Real” Green Machines

May 5th, 2014

A food processing plant produces thousands of pounds of processed food daily. Inevitably, this particular type of industrial processing expels composites of food products not included in the processes. Food processing plants find they are left with the conundrum of what to do with food processing wastes. The answer to this problem is revolutionary: food processing macerators manufactured to turn thousands of pounds of food processing waste into useful, recyclable sludge. In addition to turning out food products for commercial use, now food processing plants realized a secondary source of revenue through the use of “end product” waste once through a food macerating system.

Smart Food Processors Invest in Food Processing Macerators

To redouble the potential for secondary sources of revenue, food processors invest in food processing macerators like Dorr-Oliver Gorator Macerator Pump or Wolf-Tecs “Polar Flex Carve” systems. With the Dorr-Oliver Gorator, the processing of end product food processing waste is a simple thanks to the inclined rotor principle employed in its operation. With the rotor obliquely angled at the end of the pump’s shaft, this allows the impeller to rotate centrifugally. Food processing material is pumped through and allowed to discharge through an outlet. Typical of most macerations processes, the Gorator has notched metal teeth that operate in concert with teeth in the rotator plate creating a finely chopped material as it passes through the Gorator’s pump.

Wolf-Tecs “Polar Flex Carve” – Meat and Poultry Macerator

One of the most convenient food processing macerators in commercial poultry and meat processing is the Wolf-Tec “Polar Flex Carve.” This is state-of-the-art industrial equipment for food processing who processes meat and poultry exclusively. With the Polar Flex Carve, food processing plants have the ability to chop and cut meats and poultry to specific sizes. The Polar Flex Carve is today’s most technologically advanced food processing macerator and has a proven track record of increasing production yields.

The Polar Flex Carve features a hi-tech PLC controller with a “touch screen” that stores commercial recipes and pre-conditions a host of meats and poultry with options for tumbling or massaging. Using these options for processing maximizes health benefits of these products. Another much-appreciated feature of the Polar Flex Carve is a set of double knives controlled independently to optimize food processing.

Food processing macerators are simple to clean and manufactured to the highest safety standards.