Boat Macerator, a Great Way Save on Plumbing Problems

Being on a boat for a long period of time may cause you to have to use the restroom. Especially if it is a warm day you will most likely be drinking a lot of liquids. This will cause you to use the restroom even more. Having a bathroom on the boat is beneficial to you, your passengers and your entire family.

A boat Macerator is a must for any large boat. This pump is part of a septic system which decreases the amount of waste, and eliminates the need to use gravity to get rid of it. This means that the waste can either go up or down depending on how you have your septic system set up. This pump not only works with toilets but also with sinks and bathtubs as well.
Luckily, this pump can be easily installed. There are many benefits to using this including; operating with the boat on or off, decreases the amount of water needed, decreases back up problems and clogging issues. Another benefit is having the automatic shut off option. There is no need to flip a switch to shut off your pump.

The pump is very easy to take care of and requires very little maintenance. You must make sure that your pump is running with water. Running it without any water may harm your unit. Also, you should not flush down any sanitary napkins as they may clog and cause some damage. Toilet paper should be the only thing flushed down because other material may be too thick. Diapers and wipes are definitely on the list of things you should throw in the garbage rather than in the toilet. These pumps can be easily installed by screwing on and off. As a benefit to you, they don’t need to be permanently installed. This means that even if you aren’t a handy man, you could definitely accomplish this task.

boat macerator

Using a boat macerator is definitely beneficial to you and your family. Instead of dragging along a bucket for bathroom use, switch to using a boat macerator. You will not be disappointed in your decision that you made. Saving yourself from potential boat plumbing problems is a fantastic way to save on large maintenance bills as well as headaches.

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